Pelosi Suggests Eliminating the Office of the President: ‘The Speaker Should be the Voice of the People’

Nancy Pelosi isn’t even hiding her intention to take over the government in a coup de’tat that would make Fidel Castro jealous. In a statement to donors at an exclusive dinner for Hollywood elites, Pelosi said:

“We shouldn’t be hampered by the executive branch at all. We’ve learned that giving one person that much power can be disastrous.

“Trump will make it easy to achieve our goal by 2024, which is to eliminate the Office of the President and make the Speaker of the House the Supreme Leader of the country.

“I am, after all, the voice of the people.”

Pelosi’s statement comes as a surprise to many on the left, especially those running for President. According to a spokesman for Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign, they have no confirmation that this plan has any approval from Democrats, Republicans, or the Russians paying her:

“It seems a little odd that we’d be talking about shredding the constitution and nobody is bringing her up on charges. This is exactly why we…I mean they…couldn’t allow Clinton to be elected. If the Speaker had veto powers, the people’s will might overthrow the will of the chief executive.”

No, none of this makes any sense at all. Our sources in Washington say the story is most likely propaganda aimed at enraging Trump supporters. There are way too many questions that would need to be answered. Who would live in the White House? What would Air Force One be called?

Pelosi obviously hasn’t thought this through. But…does she ever?

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