Pelosi Introduces Bill To Limit Presidents To One Term

The truth is right in front of you

Their impeachment was exposed as a fraud. They had no crimes to present and no evidence to offer. They know that Trump 2020 and beyond is an inevitability. So now they’re getting desperate.

Knowing that President Trump’s reelection is in the bag, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is reaching deep down into the liberal bag of tricks to prevent his reelection. She plans to introduce a bill this week to bring forth a Constitutional Amendment limiting Presidential terms from the present two to one, single term.

Pelosi made the announcement today through her constitutional advisor, Joseph B. Arron, who explained her intention and the “logic” behind it more fully:

“Speaker Pelosi and I have given this proposed amendment considerable thought. Something must be done to stem the growing corruption that the United States is seeing from the White House. It is time to purge the marshland!

Our amendment would amend the previous amendment that limited presidents to two terms. That’s cut in half, Mr President. I realize you’re mathematically challenged – so there, I made it simple for you.

We feel this will effectively curb abuses of power from this administration and all future Oval Office residents. It will be easily reversed once the good guys are back in.


If Pelosi thinks she can get away with this, she’s an absolute fool. President Trump will see right through her nefarious plan and squash it like a bug.

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