Pelosi Expected To Resign To Avoid Prosecution And Huge Fines

By ripping up the State of the Union copy given to her by Trump, Nancy Pelosi fully revealed her true self. She reaffirmed what type of person she is so that there can now be no doubt. Now even the naysayers can see that the Speaker of the House is a cold, heartless, unamerican, petty child.

And on top of all that, she is a criminal. Yes, a criminal, for that act of destruction of government documents branded her so.

The furor around this brazen criminal act and the calls for her prosecution have been heating up. Officially, she can be charged under Federal Statutes 7 USC §8313, 9 CFR §§93.400 & 93.414. These combined make illegal the act of destruction that she committed and are punishable by up to 6 years in prison and a $50000 fine. She can be charged with these violations and it’s increasingly looking as though she will be.

Reports indicate that this possibility has caused fear to rise in the Pelosi camp. “Fancy Nancy” is genuinely scared of prosecution and has decided to begin trying to escape charges.

Pelosi’s attorney, the always arousing Satya Martin, has reportedly made an offer to authorities that she feels will quell the President’s anger over the issue and save the people considerable time and money in court expenses should charges be brought forth. She explained the proposal in a brief brief:

“The Speaker realizes that she did wrong and wants to correct the situation quickly. Obviously, she would like to avoid jail time and expensive fines so she has a proposal to offer to the White House.

In exchange for all charges being dropped, Speaker Pelosi will resign from her elected seat immediately. She will submit her post to the runner-up in the election from her riding, Republican Ben Peenspear, and a new Speaker of the House will be named with urgency.

We feel this is a solution that will satisfy everybody and then we can all move on and carry on with the business of government.”

This may be a plea that President Trump will accept for no other reason than to get back to work without all this ugliness occupying the headlines. Many would like to see prosecution, though. Still, one way or the other, the swamp will continue to be drained.

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