Pelosi & Dems Push Bill To Disqualify Presidential Family Members From Office

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats are insanely jealous of what will become the magnificent legacy of the Trump family. President Trump alone has done in 3 years what Obama failed to do in 8 and what no previous Commander-In-Chief has ever accomplished. They are green with envy and, in typical Democrat form, they want to put an end to any further greatness, even at the expense of the American people.

That’s why they have banded together to introduce a new bill that would prevent the continuation of the institution of Trump Family intuitive knowledge from influencing American government policy in the future.

House Democrats, we are told, plan to introduce a measure that will make illegal the democratic election of any family members of past presidents from ever holding executive office. This would disqualify any of President Trump’s children from running for or attaining the Office of the President.

Nancy Pelosi explained why they feel this is necessary:

“Foolish people vote for the name, regardless of whether the offspring is qualified. Remember George W. Bush? Remember what a disaster that was? Eight years of idiocy because people liked his daddy.

And now we have Trump and his litter. This silver spoon President is unqualified enough. Can you imagine what would happen if any one of his even more privileged children got into office because the sycophant trumpsters like Papa Disaster so much that they’re willing to give it another go?

This move is necessary to save America from itself.”

This is what Democrats do. They try to cheat through legislation because they know it’s the only way they can win.

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