Pelosi Demands President’s Medical Records

Much has been made of President Trump’s military deferments by the leftist Democrats. They would have us believe that Fred Trump, the President’s father, concocted an elaborate scheme of bribing a doctor, having said doctor agree to a fraudulent medical diagnosis of bone spurs for his son, somehow getting military medical personnel to agree with this diagnosis, and repeating this process year after year, “fooling” everyone over and over again, for 5 years straight. Democrats see this as plausible. Sane people see it as pitiful.

Trump’s doctor back in the day. Dr M. Engele’s ethics were beyond reproach.

Now that the Mueller investigation has completely exonerated President Trump of involvement in any criminal act ever – past, present, and future, Screamer of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is grasping at anything she can in an effort to remove our president.  

The latest? She and the rest of the PlayHouse Democrats are preparing to use subpoena power to gain access to Trump’s private and confidential medical records. Pelosi explains further:

 “We wish to see with our own eyes the evidence of these ‘bone spurs’ that prevented him from serving his country. He says he longed to do so and was crushed when unable. We’d like proof of this immense patriotism of his.

I mean, I’m not convinced. There is evidence of him playing sports during his deferment years….if you can call tennis and polo sports. More like wussy rich kid games, if you ask me. But, I guess that’s all that a spineless draft dodger is capable of. He’s certainly not manly enough for anything physical.”

The president provided Daily World Update with the x-ray that led to his deferment. The bone spurs are clear.

The ask for confidential records is expected to be challenged, all the way to the Supreme Court, if need be. Such a breach of the most sacred of personal secrets would prevent future super-patriots-unable-to-fight-because-daddy-fixed-it from ever wanting to run for high office…….and America can’t afford to lose their patriotic moral compass in leadership.

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