Pelosi Caves to Omar and Shreds the Constitution Into Tiny Pieces

Nancy Pelosi gave in to every single one of Ihlan Omar’s ridiculous demands today, making her the first Musslamic woman in Congress ever to have her religion matter more than others. According to witnesses on the Hill, Omar’s “win” will come at great taxpayer expense:

“Making upgrades to any dietary plan is a task, but for Congress/ We have thousands of elected officials and staff-members, not to mention full-time maintenance, our own Police…This won’t be easy and it won’t be cheap.”

One member of the Freedom Caucus asked for a total breakdown and was told that it wasn’t really an issue and to take it up with the Speaker’s office, which led them nowhere. As private citizens, we were directed to FOIA requests and found that the menu on Capitol Hill had a request that was atypical to the system:

“We handle dietary requests all the time for many reasons, but this is the first time we’ve held an ingredient.”

We contacted Ilhan Omar’s office and surprisingly, they didn’t deny costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars:

“She asked if the humus was vegan and the next thing we knew they were removing bacon from the Capitol menus. We’re not sure why. Representative Omar doesn’t eat bacon, but neither do Jews or people on a low-sodium diet. Something tells us this may the over-zealous misinformation campaign of some Republican.”

And there you have it. She demands the menu be changed then denies it when it’s over. Democrats all want the best of both worlds. Now she gets to claim it’s not her fault that the Eggs Benedict only comes with a side of sausage.

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