Pelosi Calls For 2nd Amendment Regulations

She’s coming for our guns

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have been wanting to shred the constitution for decades. In particular, they want to see the destruction of the Second Amendment, allowing our right to bear arms. And they haven’t given up yet. Yesterday, speaker Pelosi Made an announcement indicating that she would be using her House of Representatives majority to push through regulations on the Second Amendment. She made the announcement in a speech :

”The second amendment says, ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed’

The message in these words is clear. In fact, the first four words say at all. ‘A well regulated militia’. Regulated. That is to say, requiring regulation.

After having gone through a particularly harrowing incident involving super soakers, the result of which was frizzy hair, Alexandria Cortez demanded that these be added to the banned list.

It falls upon the government of these United States to enact such regulations, and so we will. We intend to restrict the types of firearms available. No longer will the ownership of assault rifles be allowed. No pump action shotguns. If you’re lucky we’ll let you keep small handguns.

No longer will private gun sales be allowed. Private citizens cannot be trusted to responsibly sell off their unwanted weapons. Private citizens are not that smart or disciplined.

No longer will anybody purchase a weapon without proper training, mandatory background checks – including physical ability, criminal, and psychological – and a mandatory 60 day waiting period.

Change is coming. The good will embrace it. The evil of the country will fight it. And as the bible tells us, good always triumphs over evil.”

Democrats also plan to make it illegal to form a finger gun and make pew pew noises.

The bill, of course, will pass through the house with ease as it is loaded with Democrats. The Senate is another story. This bill is bound to die. Nancy Pelosi is wasting her breath and taxpayers money on this ridiculous escapade.



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