Pelosi Being Forced Out By New Dems: ‘We Can’t Allow a Drunk to Lead Us’

The new Democrat socialist Musslamics have decided that Nancy Pelosi is a liability. Not because of her failed economic or immigration policies that have this country in such a bind, but for her role as the drunk of Capitol Hill. Pelosi, known to bounce in and out of 12 step programs for decades, has been publicly shamed for her drinking before.

According to our source inside the Capitol who chooses to remain anonymous, the Speaker of the House is in for the fight of her life:

“The Speaker of the House is in for the fight of her life, Flagg.”

The revelation has stepped our newsroom into high gear. So far, we’ve been able to surmummarize that Pelosi had lunch this morning in the National Sculpture Garden, then went to the zoo to see the Pandas. She then boarded a plane with no ticket at Reagan and took a connecting flight from Boston to Manchester New Hampshire. The last anyone heard, she had Enterprise pick her up and she’s on her way to Nashua to start campaigning for 2024.

The way she’s declined in the past two years has been really sad. They should have never handed her back that gavel. Now, it seems, they’re looking to send her out to pasture the way the Freedom Caucus rid us of Paul Ryan the RINO who did everything Trump said but he’s young and we hate him anyway. Get out with that tired stuff. We need to move on to a younger generation of politicians no matter how old they are.

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