Pelosi Begins Deportation Proceedings Against Melania & Barron

The truth is right in front of you

“By President Trump’s own set of rules, it is clear that both the First Lady, Melania, and her son, Barron, are here in violation of the new laws. It is therefore only prudent that the process for their deportation begin immediately. No one is above the  law in this country. So let it be written. So let it be done.”

These were the words of House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi this morning as she explained why the Democrat majority House of Representation had begun proceedings that she claimed would inevitably lead to the removal “in chains” of members of the First Family.

Pelosi claims to have evidence of Melania Trump overstaying a work visa two decades ago, a violation of law. She further claims – and says she is in possession of irrefutable proof – that Melania cheated on her genius visa. That she is not a genius at all, but is “borderline challenged”.  She fully stated:

”Melania is a genius in the same bizarro universe that the President is a genius. They both think that simply stating that they are makes it so. The reality can be seen simply in the second grade spelling level of the president. He’s a moron. And he chose a moron for a wife. He actually chose a wife who is stupider than he so he could feel superior.”

Careful Nancy, the President’s shadow casts a wide net. No, I have no idea what that means.

As to the case against the innocent Barron, Pelosi explained thusly :

”Melanie was illegal. Trump has eliminated birthright citizenship. This one is a no-brainer. Barron is an anchor baby.

Mr. President, if you won’t accept this from brown people, we won’t accept it from you.

Say goodbye to your wife and child. They will soon be persona non grata in this country. Have somebody smart explain to you what that means.”

This woman does not know when to stop. You’ve just overplayed your hand, Pelosi. Family is sacrosanct to Republicans. And nobody’s more so than the President’s.

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