Pelosi Passes Out Drunk at Memorial Day BBQ


Well, it looks like Speaker of the House and notorious liquor queen Nancy Pelosi has done it again.  At the fifth annual Congressional Memorial Day Bar-B-Q, the Maven of Mogen David had a few too many, and ended up passed out on the lawn in a puddle of her own drool.  Two heartbeats away from the Presidency, folks.

Not to be outdone, Chuck Schumer and lightweight Lilyputian leprechaun Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also knocked themselves unconscious from boozing, although, to their dubious credit, managed to stay indoors when what’s left of their brains ceased operations.

At some point, Corey Booker snuck in and drew dicks all over their faces.

Is it any wonder Congress can’t get anything done with this kind of Frat Party leadership?  What’s next?  Cheech and Chong running Joe Biden’s election campaign?

“Man, this Biden guy’s so white, his mayonnaise sandwich wears a tie.”

Someone needs to get Pelosi’s drive for the drink under control before she becomes a National Emergency.  We already have enough of those.

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