Pallets Of Bricks Dropped Off By Leftist Truckers Are Showing Up At Protest Sites

If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding!

Truck drivers are dropping off pallets of bricks at protest sites for groups to throw, and the numbers of pallets of bricks are growing and growing. Cities like Dallas, Texas; Roanoke, Virginia, and Charlotte, North Carolina are reporting that pallets of bricks are just showing up in the middle of protest hot spots.

It seems that truck drivers, who are notoriously liberal and despise police and law and order, are stealing these pallets of bricks from their customers and dropping them off in the middle of the night in major cities with nobody noticing until the next morning, where people are picking them up in early morning protests to throw at people, or just simply work on random construction projects, we just don’t know.

Liberal trucker Sandy Batt and her partner Joe Barron were seen dropping a load of bricks off on an interstate near Nashua, New Hampshire. They claimed the bricks were for building a new bridge, and although there was construction equipment there, with barrels blocking the left lanes, these truckers simply cannot be trusted. They looked liberal and suspicious.

These pallets of bricks are being left in strategic locations along interstates, buildings, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and new building sites all over the nation.  They could be used for lobbing through windows or building new homes, either way, both are for nefarious liberal purposes, especially if it’s low income housing.

President Donald Trump was very concerned with the bricks, even though he’s a real estate magnate, he looked at the bricks with the same blank stare that he does with the Bible, having absolutely no idea what its use or purpose is for.

Where these bricks are coming from is a giant mystery, nobody has taken responsibility for the bricks, unless you look at the paperwork, you’ll never know.

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