Only Majority Can Determine What Is Racism To Minorities, Say Woke Libs

Majority rules!

Many over the years have wondered – Who decide what words become nonpolitically correct? How is it determined which names given to different racial, religious, or ethnic groups are to be seen as slurs and which are acceptable? Is it decided by the subjects of the supposed slur?Or do the creators of the possibly offensive words get to decide whether they are actually offensive?

These questions have plagued both conservatives and liberals for decades. All have wondered who could possibly have such power over how words would make their subjects feel! Surely only god above could make such a determination! All were confused.

But no longer. Now, thanks to one self-proclaimed liberal named Willie Jones, we have the answers we need. It is liberals who decide. But not just any liberals……only liberals whose absence of racism is beyond doubt because they have mixed race family, or, at the very least, a black friend.

Willie Jones broke it down for us :

”I am a liberal. I’ve said I am. I join left wing Facebook groups. I hate trump because of his racism. I never say the N word and get mad when others do.

Obviously……OBVIOUSLY, I can’t be racist. So when some ethnic or religious group comes along and says that the word we’ve always used to describe them is offensive, I can tell them they are absolutely wrong. An ethnic minority says something is a colonial label and is seen as a racial slur? I say HA! MY GRANDKIDS ARE MIXED RACE! I think I know better than you what a racial slur is!

Willy Jones himself. Nobody is more woke than this guy

Silly minorities! They should always defer to liberal white people for information on what is racism. Nobody knows better than me……Than us.”

Valid points, Willy


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