Omar Khadr:’Canadian Idiots Are Still Paying Me And Will For Years’

The truth is right in front of you

Omar Khadr walks free in Canada because the immoral liberals in this country allowed it. They do not want to defend our citizens. Instead, they put Canadians are at risk.

Spineless Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even had the nerve to pay him $44.5 million of Australian taxpayer money to “start him on his new life and a second chance.” It is all disgusting and appalling.

Since then, Khadr has continued to rake in the dough using “his story” as a platform. He’s had a full schedule of paid speaking engagements and interviews with all manner of media, all of which are adding to his already substantial wealth.

One such interview was with “The Burlas Press” in New Mexico, USA. Khadr was asked an array of questions about his life since capture and subsequent detainment at Guantanamo Bay. Eventually, the conversation turned to his newfound riches. It was at this point that Omar slipped up and told the world what he really thinks of the country he now calls home.

“They paid me ten zillion dollars! Can you believe it? Just for spending time at the Cuban Country Club, as we called it. It was easy there. We would play tiddlywinks with the guards and swap shawarma recipes. They were good friends. The only ‘waterboarding’ that happened there is what most people call ‘surfing.’ Juicy waves in that bay.

Omar and fellow detainees learned song and dance to wow their military captors.

And now the Canadian idiots are still paying me. They pay big bucks to listen to me talk about nothing or to just have me appear at their parties. I’m like a novelty attraction to them. ‘The big bad terrorist’ hobnobbing with their guests, you know?

This has gone on for years and there’s no end in sight. It’s f***ing awesome!”

This is what this repugnant man thinks of the nation that opened their doors to him. Ungrateful, mocking…..he is using us. He is the reason to vote Trudeau out.

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