Omar and Tlaib Suspended from All Senate Committees for Storming out of SOTU

Mitch McConnell is taking a strong stand against the disrespect democrats showed to President Trump. By evoking Article 4, Section 4 of the constitution which gives the Senate leader the power to ban unsavory characters from those hallowed chamber walls.

Senate Page Reid Enright shared McConnell’s statement with the official legislative press pool. It reads:

“The democrats have zero respect for our commander-in-chief. As the president’s closest ally, it is my duty to take a stand for party, and also country. First, we saw our president’s words shredded by Nancy Pelosi. Then we saw Omar and Tlaib turn their backs and walk out on our fearless leader. Enough is enough. His authority shall be respected.”

This is the first time in over two centuries that a senate leader has imposed these constitutional sanctions.

Omar and Tlaib vow to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. However, legal scholars all agree that they simply don’t have a case to stand on.

“There is no case.”

Without a case, they will be barred from petitioning lower courts — a necessary step to get to a Supreme Court ruling.

Republican senators hope this will send a strong message to any other rabble rousers who think they can get away with disrespecting the office of the president.

Lindsey Graham briefly spoke to us on the phone and said:

“What kind of message is this sending the young people in our country about respecting your elders? What kind of message does it send to our troops overseas when you will walkout on their high commander? I applaud Mitch for these actions for justice.”

Other senators send a warning to anyone even considering upping these antics…

Don’t. Just don’t.

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