Nancy Pelosi Orders All Confederate Flags, Statues and Portraits Destroyed

Taking away the heritage!

Nancy Pelosi has gone too far. She ordered all confederate portraits in the Capitol taken down, and then went even further by ordering ALL mentions of the the Confederacy destroyed.

Every flag, statue, portrait, everything, dismantled and destroyed.  Nancy Pelosi said she will erase every monument that celebrates the confederacy.

Senator Joseph Barron, R-Mississippi, is outraged.

“Those done be our history. That’s heritage, not hate, unless you believe everything about that flag is hate, which it is, but it’s also our heritage. A heritage of hate, and we’re proud of it!” 

Barron, a Republican from Inbredville, Mississippi, walked away after he admitted to what we already knew.

Signs of the confederacy are being vandalized and taken down all over the south, as people with common sense and common decency are tired of seeing these signs of racial oppression by a failed war against the United States. They see them as racist and treasonous, asking why anyone would want to fly the flag of failure. The flag of the only people to give up quicker than the French.

Conservative Christian Caucasians, a group that swears that they’re not racist at all, are fighting back. With their rebel flags, missing teeth, stupid looks on their faces and all, they say they will not let any fringe group (like themselves) erase the proud history of racism of slavery that they’re distant relatives (probably every one of them is related in some form or fashion seeing as this is the old south and they’re flying the Trump flag along with the Confederate Flag) worked, and failed to accomplish.

They see it as an attack of their freedom, not the freedom that they’d like to take from anyone not like them. They don’t believe that banning confederate flags or monuments will change their racist views at all. They’ll just have to use the other code to signal to other ignorant racists that they’re of like mind – the red MAGA hat.

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