Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar Praised the Destruction of Notre Dame

The two women who have turned Congress into a circus were caught laughing and joking while the Notre Dame Cathedral burned yesterday, ultimately praising the destruction of the building in comments to the media. According to our reporter in the field, Bluto Larst:

“AOC and Omar were sitting on a couch in a resting area just laughing it up and having a good time. We approached them and asked them what they were laughing at. They said something about an unrelated issue and then pretended they hadn’t heard about the church. They both scurried away to ‘find out what happened.’

I caught up with them later and AOC said, “Maybe they should consider that…God has other plans sometimes and that the site…would make a lovely park.

Omar said she’s glad the Catholics are ‘paying for their coverups.’ She said as a Muslim, she is ‘relieved’ that no Muslamics were hurt.”

Larst and his crew were then asked to leave the Capitol, as they don’t have actual press credentials. Clearly, however, this can not be ignored. We contacted the offices of these two congresswomen and they gave us these statements, which read like emotionally charged, unhinged ramblings of an out of control woman. Ocasio-Cortez said:

“You idiots were tossed because you take things and twist them out of context, like all right-wing lunatics. My entire statement was ‘maybe they should consider that even though it seems like a total loss, God has other plans sometimes and that site has withstood two modern wars and the French Revolution.’ I don’t even know where you got the lovely park thing.

But what difference does it make, right?”

Oh and there it is! Boom! The irrational woman bleeding from her whatever makes an appearance. The other woman, the Muslamical Ilhan Omar, had this to say:

“We’re having a hard time not literally rolling on the floor laughing. I said, ‘I get the outrage, but blaming the church itself for being on fire because it’s paying for their coverups seems a little silly. I’m just glad they may save most of it and that nobody was hurt.’ I never mentioned Muslamics, but thanks. Taters.”

Yet another unwarranted and emotional response from a Democrat who can’t face the facts about what she said. Poor little snowflake.

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