Obama’s Strange Trips Spell Trouble for President Trump

Former President and Usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, has been spotted all across the globe, in places no ex-president should be, for the past three weeks. According to our source at ObamaWatch, an organization dedicated to keeping tabs on the Deep State, the trips are not in any way random. Skip Tetheluda, a former ALLOD reporter, found himself on the scene corresponding for us:

“I’ve been keeping an eye on ObamaWatch now for 2 years, Flagg, and I’ll tell you what…these guys are the real deal. Some of the finest patriots to ever conceal their identities for espionage and weekend fishing trips can only be described as tradecraft. If they see it, they say it, and we know it’s true.”

Now that the credibility of the source has been confirmed mulitiplicitly, we can report that Obama’s course through Europe, the Middle East and into Africa is far more than a pilgrimage. Skip explains:

“This whole thing has to do with his Muslamic roots. There’s a family heirloom in that village in Kenya, but before he gets there, he has to pick up clues and markers. So he went and scheduled meetings with Deep State Operatives in 17 countries and now he’s out there.

Our guys say he’s doing more than your standard Deep State field Trip.”

“Our guy says he’s using the trip to specifically target Trump administration policies across the globe.

Obama’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, says the ex-president has no plans to impede on anything, including the “end of the horror that is the Mango Mussolini regime.” In fact, he says Obama is exempt and can do whatever he wants:

“Trump knows. He knows just what you can get away with and call ‘executive privilege.’ Obama can talk to whoever he wants. He’s on camera forging personal relationships with these people. Is it his fault Trump is a tool? What the hell is that? ‘I can’t make friends because I’m an ignorant turd…thanks Obama?’

Beat it, kid.”

They’re some pretty brazen people. It seems like this won’t bode well for Trump unless he can somehow charge Obama with a violation of the Logan Act.

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