Michelle Obama Thinks She And Her Husband Deserve SCOTUS Appointments

The truth is right in front of you

Now we know what took Barack Obama so long to endorse Joe Biden. As it turns out, there were back room deals and talks going on as soon as Biden became the presumptive democratic nominee for president. At Michelle Obama’s request, Joe Biden will nominate the Obamas for the Supreme Court.

There were temper tantrums and money that exchanged hands to make sure that Biden got the endorsement. Michelle Obama was adamant that not only Barack Obama Would be nominated for a seat, but herself as well. The idea is they could work together to bully the other justices to see things their way. This is unacceptable.

 It is no secret that several of the more liberal justices are getting older, and that means vacancies are coming up. A democrat in the White House can only mean one thing, and that’s liberal justices. There’s nothing more than filling the court with left leaning justices that these godless liberals want.

Joseph Barron, who is an aide to Clarence Thomas, is concerned. He says that Justice Thomas’ advanced age means that during a democratic presidency, he could die and his seat filled with a liberal. All of the things Justice Thomas worked for, like taking rights away and attempting to make LGBT citizens not count will be overturned.

Having liberals on the Supreme Court would mean common sense decisions, decisions that could greatly affect and benefit all Americans, and this is something we cannot stand for as good, hypocritical Christian conservatives who realize that the only way of truly making America great is through denying the rights to live equally to others.

Imagine what a Supreme Court with the Obamas on it. Do they look like America? Do you think they will serve with Americans’ best interests at heart, just like when they were in the White House? Of course they will. And that’s why having them on the court would be dangerous.

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