Obama Was A Draft Dodger

What boy doesn’t want to die for his country?

Only the most traitorous among us refuse to heed when their country calls on them to fight. It is a snake that wouldn’t that jump at the opportunity to lay down their life, if need be, to protect the values and freedoms of America. And this is why it comes as no surprise to anybody that the biggest snake known to the modern world ran to Canada rather than join the men who fought for our liberty in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. 

Running away like a little girl allowed Obama to take on a pseudonym and achieve sitcom success. Look at that smug smile.

On August 4, 1970, Barack Hussein Obama won in the birthday draft to serve in the war du jour. This was considered to be an honor – an opportunity for young men of color to show their allegiance to the flag that so many others had died for.

But Hussein didn’t see the change to demonstrate valor. He was too busy creating a puddle at his feet at the thought of having to man up for the US of A. Neighbors report him wailing in the night,”I’m too young to die!”  So this disgusting jellyfish fled to America’s hat, a the traitor storage facility known as Canada.

His father, Mohammed Qadaffi Obama, managed  to sneak him over the border, lying about his age. He was left in the care of  the family of Canada’s First Traitor Family, the Trudeau’s, where Papa Pierre further indoctrinated him into communism and little Justin became his boyfriend. Fidel Castro would occasionally stop by for tea and brainwashing.

Was it it Barack that corrupted the young Trudeau or was it Justin over Obama? Or were they both born evil?

Avoiding service in this way was bad enough, but life for future Americans was made worse by this time in The Great White North, for it was there that the basics for America’s future path to destruction at his hands were formulated. His own personal touches to the malevolent mindset sealed our doom.

Now that his cowardice has been revealed, it is likely that the charge of treason against Obama will be brought forth again by President Trump. And America will gain a victory from the Vietnam War.

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