Barack Obama: I Already Made America Great Again

The truth is right in front of you

Barack Obama has jumped into the 2020 election by attacking Donald Trump, chastising and berating him, comparing his record to Donald’s. Obama had stayed away from the election politics until just recently when he endorsed Joe Biden.

“I ALREADY MADE AMERICA GREAT” he exclaimed on twitter and to Chris Wallace’s Sunday morning Fox News show. He went on to say how Donald Trump has wrecked his economy and the United States’ standing in the world. “We used to be respected, and now we’re a laughing stock with this orange buffoon at the helm, it’s embarrassing to think that this is America!” Obama said.

We’ve never had a former president speak this way of his successor before. Presidential historian Joseph Barron said this is unprecedented, even though it’s 100 percent true. Still, he added, one should never speak ill of a Commander in Chief unless he truly deserves it, and trust me, Trump certainly does.

Where this is all coming from, nobody knows. Joe Biden is going to pick a woman Vice President and the bets are on Michelle Obama at the moment. Obama is trashing Trump, which will help get Michelle on the ticket with Biden. Can we really afford another Obama on in the White House?

It almost seems as if President Trump is correct in saying everyone is attacking him. Democrats, the media, foreign leaders, common sense, grammar, decency, all coming at him from every side. President Trump is doing his best, which is obviously nowhere near good enough. You have to be one tough cookie to screw things up this bad and still expect to be handed another election. That takes chutzpah, folks.

And how dare Obama steal Trump’s catchphrase. Only he can scream about making America great again by doing the direct opposite of that. Trump has things Obama never did. His own television network who will do his bidding and lie constantly at the cost of whatever credibility that they had left, and also millions of ignorant deplorable morons worshipping him as the second coming of Christ.

Your move, Obama.

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