Obama Bashes Rush After Cancer Diagnosis:’I Hope He Suffers’

Barack Obama has always lacked compassion. His evil laughter was heard in the aftermath of countless tragedies around the world, so incapable of empathy was he.

Rush Limbaugh’s announcement of advanced lung cancer brought tears to the eyes of the family of the fat ass, as well as to his friends, and to his millions of loyal and bloodthirsty listeners across the country. The news has shocked many.

While most are mourning the potential loss of this great huge man, others are using the horrible news to mock and deride Limbaugh, making jokes about his considerable weight or stereotyping his listeners. We here at DWU assure you that we would never take such cheap shots, for we possess not just respect for the enormity of Limbaugh’s personality but sympathy for his family, crushed under the weight of this news.

Barack Hussein Obama is one of those who has chosen the low road with regard to Rush. Obama is breaking the scale with his callousness and cruelty. This culminated in a statement released to the press:

“Rush Limbaugh is an evil little man. Oops! Did I say little? That’s not right. There’s nothing little about him. Rush is HUUUUUGE!

Rush was not a nice man. Sorry… IS not a nice man. He’s not gone yet. I was just being hopeful. Wishful thinking.

Anyway, this is a man who made fun of President Carter when he had cancer, made fun of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with her cancer. He is not a nice man.

That said, I do plan to visit him in the hospital. I’m going to go there and I’m going to mock him and laugh at him and let him know that I hope he dies a slow and agonizing death.

Did you see that game? How about them Chiefs?”

What kind of man ridicules a victim of cancer? Barack Obama does, that’s who.

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