Obama Appointed Roger Stone Prosecutors Have All Been Fired!


Roger Stone’s prisoner dating profile picture

The corruption just never ends when it comes to the Deep State trying to hurt anyone close to Donald John Trump.

Today Obama appointed prosecutors tried to send the honorable, always honest Roger Stone to prison for an investigation tied to the phony Russian witch hunt hoax, until District Of Justice William Barr laid the smack down on them.

Four democrat prosecutors were fired after William Barr was given information that show they were tied to the Deep State.

The corrupt news media changed the story however, saying they quit instead. “Nothing could be further from the truth, and this administration will not tolerate anything less than the truth, as it is the most honest, transparent administration this country has ever had”, said the honorable William Barr.

The four rogue prosecutors, all installed by Barack Hussein Obama, were partying it up in Las Vegas on the dime of hard working Trump supporters when they were caught speaking ill of our Dear Leader Trump and his most loyal lap dog, Roger Stone.

“Fuck Jackson Wayte” said one after receiving an email from Mr Stone’s attorney. Jackson Wayte is a loyal Trump supporter and an assistant to Roger Stone’s lawyer, while another called him “bitch tits”.

The drunken, foul mouthed prosecutors drank scotch and beer and even at one point nearly knocked down a fence, reveling in what they thought they were going to accomplish.

Joseph Barron, a trusted confidant of Mr Barr, just happened to be in Las Vegas with Sandy Batt, attending a Hookers For Jesus convention, witnessed it all.

Luckily for Roger Stone, they reported it all, and they have been removed from their positions in power.

“Roger Stone is a national treasure, he’s been a trusted advisor to two of the most honest presidents, Richard Nixon and Donald Trump”.

Thankfully justice will prevail and Mr Stone will be treated as fairly as Donald Trump treats our constitution.

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