Obama-Appointed Judge Approves BLM’s $500 Billion Reparations Lawsuit

A federal magistrate appointed by Barack Hussein Obama has approved a $500 billion lawsuit by BLM against “The taxpayers of the United States.” In other words, they’re suing everyone, even themselves.

The move comes after the Reverand Al Sharpton met with Obama and the successor to Bishop TuTu, along with some other people of color we probably shouldn’t trust. The group decided they would ask BLM to file a suit and ask for reparations.

BLM, which is, of course, always up for a good lawsuit, hopped right on board and now they want a million dollars for every black man, woman, and child who are directly descended from slaves.

Somehow, that equals $500 billion. Not that the math matters, since the suit itself is ridiculous. Just because black people in this country have been used for everything from our labor force to our scapegoats doesn’t mean we owe them anything.

For a lawsuit to hold water, you have to prove damages. How will you prove those centuries of socio-political isolation combined with institutional racism and government-sponsored indentured servitude caused you harm? Bring a history book to court? Pffft.

You’ll need to do better than that. Patriotic Americans are set on stopping time and/or rolling it back to when we felt most comfortable, so…1962 or so. Right before Kennedy got shot. We liked him.

Not gonna happen, patriots. I won’t send them a dime if they win.

God bless America.


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