Nobel Committee Members Say Deep State Forced Them To Vote Against Trump

A member of the committee that votes on the Nobel Peace Prize says it was coerced by the Deep State to ignore Donald Trump’s nomination.

According to the source, Trump was to be left out of the conversation altogether.

While some members of the committee ignored the rule and deliberated Trump’s qualifications for the prize, others remained hesitant.

Joe Barron, executive director of the Sandy Batt voting block, says the order didn’t stop the group from offering a fair deliberation:

“Oh that? Yeah, we don’t take that stuff seriously. We’re not American hillbillies. We talked about Trump. We opened his empty folder of good deeds, had a little chuckle, and adjourned for egg salad finger sandwiches and Labatt’s.

“He’s a buffoon. We didn’t disregard him for any reason other than he doesn’t deserve an award for anything.”

That was a stark difference from the quote given to Dan Bongingo in a comment on his Facebook page from a user named Rich Shaw Shweatynutz:

“We were about to vote for him when an armed regimen of Deep State agents came in and demanded we vote for Joe Biden. He wasn’t even on the ballot. We figured it was election interference by the Dems for sure. They said they all brought dead people with them to vote for us if we didn’t comply.”

We’re not really sure what that means, but it can’t be good.

The bottom line, patriots, is that the Nobel committee has been infiltrated and its standards have been compromised, all so the liberals can try to deny Donald Trump his God-given right to get all the same stuff Obama got.

That’s only fair.

But the liberals don’t play fair, and when they do, we make sure to find reasons they didn’t, because isn’t that what they probably meant anyway?

Thank goodness for OANN and Charlie Kirk for telling us the truth we want to hear. And God bless you, America.

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