Liberal Facebook Says NO to Freedom Rallies

The Truth is the last thing you’ll believe

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook had put the smackdown on promoting “freedom rallies” on Facebook now. These are rallies where trump supporting conservative Americans protest lockdown measures that they deem too extreme on capitol steps in the states that have them.

Joe Barron, a protester in a MAGA hat and an American flag t-shirt said through his facemask “there ain’t nothin to worry about with this danged virus, we Americans, we tough, and if you gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough”.

You said it, Joe, not us….. he was also waving a confederate flag and holding a sign that many words were misspelled so we’re gonna take his word on the dumb part.

It would seem these are rallies protesting that they are unable to be able to catch the virus, although now, through their own stupidity and ignorance to social distancing, they’re contracting it in record numbers. It seems as they’re getting sick to “own the libs”.

As for Facebook, they are trying to crack down on the promotion of these “let’s all get coronavirus because we’re a bunch of selfish idiot” parties, because, in their word, “we refuse to contribute to their continued delinquency”, adding that if they want to do it, head back on over to MySpace or something to that effect.

This is Facebook totally cracking down on the first amendment which doesn’t apply to Facebook considering that it’s someone else’s platform and it’s their right to control content, as they own this medium. But I’m sure there will be 1,000,000 posts on Facebook complaining about Facebook stifling their first amendment rights on Facebook.

It truly is times like these that you absolutely most admire not only the tenacity, but the selfishness and stupidity of anyone wearing a MAGA hat. Not only will they embarrass themselves but now, they will put themselves and their families at risk to contract a disease that might kill them. That’s pure dedication right there.

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