New York Court Rules Fathers Have No Parental Rights

Well this comes as no surprise. The state that legalized abortions after birth, first allowed fat couples to adopt, and calls men “women” and vice versa, has had a court whittle away at the traditional family a little more. A LOT MORE.

A New York Court has ruled in favor of a mother who argued that her husband – and father of her child – had no say in how she was to be raised. This despite the fact that they are a family unit living all together under the same roof.

Krystal Lynn has been married to Benza Cox Lance for 5 years. Together they have one daughter, Regina, who is  12 years old.

Krystal’s fierce feminism became clear to Cox Lance when she first refused his desire to make an honest woman of her, choosing instead to live in sin for over a decade. When they finally did marry, she wouldn’t take on his name saying she refused to be known as “Mrs. Penis Spear”

Mr. Benza Cox Lance, seen here, was lucky to have ever bedded the fetching Krystal Lynn and should probably just shut the f**k up.

The latest display of feminazism came when Benza objected to their daughter’s whorish attire. Krystal was quite all right with the casual slacks and full blouse but Benza proclaimed – rightfully – that “only sluts wear pants! Ladies wear dresses!”

So Krystal Lynn took her husband to court to sue for exclusive parental rights, proclaiming that Penis Spear, er, Cox Lance should have no say in how their daughter was raised.

Judge Meghan Lewis agreed, stating in her ruling:

”Insofar as conception goes, the mother does everything. She carries for nine months, she feeds, she is more a part of the child than the father could ever be. The father, in fact, is merely a donor. The mother provides him with a receptacle for what otherwise would surely have been masturbatory emissions. The sperm is irrelevant in parenthood.”

It’s been suggested that Judge Lewis may have been in conflict, trying to separate the happy couple so she could find out exactly how Benza’s family gained the name “Penis Spear “

This case will surely be appealed. Cox Lance is forging ahead, taking his wife to the state Supreme Court and says he’ll go all the way to SCOTUS if need be. Let’s send him our thoughts and prayers for his battle.


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