New Adult Website Is MAGA Friendly

The truth is right in front of you.

Adult entertainment websites abound on the internet. They are everywhere. There seems to be something online to satisfy every personal taste.  Unfortunately, most are deviant liberal tastes. There is very little for the healthy adults who want to make America great.

You see, the tastes of the Maga faithful are very specific. Our patriotism runs through everything we do….and that includes our extra-curricular time in which we view video shorts pertaining to our – ahem –  adult tastes.

But now all that is about to change! A well-known video production company is introducing a new category simply called “MAGA”. It advertises a promise to “satisfy patriotic longings without compromise”.

Vice-President of Marketing, Satya Martin, tells us more about this terrific new offering :

”The maga category will fill the void that is felt by our Trump loving conservative audience. We know what is in their hearts and desires.

They long for clips about the sadness and rage that comes from residing in cramped, closet-like spaces, about water sports with women who work , about the passion they feel for the family unit. They want a visual experience mirroring the joy and agony they feel as they watch their spouses experience the pleasures of love.

Republicans will now get that sweet release

We are confident that our new category will satisfy the needs of the patriotic, Trump supporting, red hat wearing video aficionados.”

Time to celebrate video lovers! We are finally being recognized! We will finally be satisfied!

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