Antifa Plan To Disrupt Macy’s Parade Foiled By Sharp Eyes of Don Jr.

The truth is right in front of you

Another Trump has proven himself to be a hero.

President Trump’s son, Don Jr, was attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, when, as he put it, he “sensed something was wrong.”

“I saw a group of people in costumes, dressed up as turkeys. Their bodies and faces were covered right up, no way to identity them. We all know that’s Antifa’s MO. They cover their faces so that they can’t be identified.

That was suspicious enough but they were also all gathered right by the staging ground for the balloons. ‘What business did they have there’, I thought to myself. None that I could discern. I knew something foul was afoot.

Fortunately, I was not alone. I had my massive Secret Service security detail with me. I ordered them to tackle and detain the antifa nazi turkeys. Some objected, making me think deep state may have infiltrated my detail, but ultimately they went along and did what I asked. When the police arrived they took the terrorists away and we left. I assume that they were charged and arrested.

Some people are calling me a hero. I’m no hero. I’m just a red-blooded American who supports his president. God bless President Trump and god bless America.”

We contacted the NYPD for a comment on this matter. Sgt Benza Cox Lance informed us that the Antifas were merely participants in the parade and that a warrant has been issued for Don Jr for filing a false police report and unlawful detainment.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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