Invisible Ink Messages Found In Mueller Report


In a stunning turn of events surrounding the uproar over Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report, messages, written in what appears to be a type of “invisible ink” have appeared when the pages were accidentally exposed to vinegar.

The discovery came when Nancy Pelosi and her granddaughter Petunia were eating salads together and going over the report.  The younger Pelosi spilled her champagne vinaigrette on the paper, exposing hand-written messages, presumably by Mueller himself.  Messages include : “Trump is a criminal”, “So much evidence – Russian collusion”, and most disturbingly, “Three of the piss hookers died.”  Whether the last missive was suggesting foul play or natural causes is unclear.

Mysteriouser and mysteriouser…

Pelosi has immediately handed over the original report to CIA code analyst Benjamin Franklin Gates to investigate further.

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