National Restaurant Chain Fires 37 Employees For Saying ‘Merry Christmas’

Country Kitchen Buffet, a national restaurant chain known for terrific mashed potatoes and apple pie, has betrayed loyal, patriotic Americans by denying their employees the right to express their beliefs. According to Sandy Batt, a former employee of the chain, new liberal management has made changes to appease “big city” customers:

“I was fired for telling a table of customers Merry Christmas. The manager, who is a Muslammian, said that it was offensive to his religion and that if I wouldn’t say Happy Holidays instead, I would have to be fired. I grabbed a piece of bacon and left, chewing it right in front of him.”

Sandy is among the 37 employees of the chain that have lost their jobs for being “too Christian.” Art Tubolls, a spokesman for the law firm that represents Country Kitchen Buffet, says the company is within their rights to espouse their atheist and/or Muslammian beliefs:

“Hobby Lobby can do and say whatever they want, but we can’t? That doesn’t make sense. If we want to fire Christians for believing in a false prophet, that’s our business.”

Yes, and it’s our business as the citizens of this Christian nation to make sure we never step foot inside one of these restaurants again. We’ll show them how a boycott works.

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