NASCAR Shows Solidarity with Muslims Now

The Truth Is Right In Front Of You

NASCAR celebrates gay pride and supports Black Lives Matter. Confederate flags are banned and now the sports giant is catering to the Islamic religion to attract fans of that faith.

This is certainly not daddy’s NASCAR anymore!

Drivers were seen kneeling, facing Mecca with other Muslim fans at 12 p.m., joining them in their noon prayers.

A new driver of Islamic faith, Dusty Saleen, saw this as a huge sign of respect. His crew chief, Joe “Fires In The Tires” Barron felt the same way.

“Dusty is a hell of a race car driver, and NASCAR accepting him is a big, big thing.”

NASCAR, as of the last few weeks, have been signaling that NASCAR is for everyone, not just a select group.

Some were not too keen on this idea, pretty much like they weren’t happy with any idea that includes anyone that doesn’t look like them — complaining NASCAR is a sport for Christian conservative White people only. When they were reminded that, no, it’s for everyone to enjoy, they yelled TRUMP 2020!!! And broke out a confederate flag that was immediately confiscated and thrown in a burn pit.

While many long time, ignorant, hate-filled fans are angry and having temper tantrums over some of these new policies, others are finding it a breath of fresh air. They get that more fans will make the sport bigger and are welcoming to their friends, neighbors, doctors, and family into a sport that has long ignored them.

Well now it’s 2020 and a different time. Love wins and hate is losing the war. It’s kinda awesome!

Some fans are protesting, saying they won’t be dragging their drunken confederate flag waving ignorant asses or broken down RVs into NASCAR events any more. That remains to be seen, as these are simple people who need mindless entertainment to get their minds off the world changing around them.

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