NASCAR: Let’s Go Brandon Is Offensive Like Confederate Flag

The truth is right there in front of you

NASCAR officials have been looking into the Let’s Go Brandon chants that race fans have been saying at racetracks all over the country. The higher ups at NASCAR are saying it’s as offensive as the confederate flag, and fans are none too happy about it.  NASCAR is considering banning the chant, as they’ve done with the confederate flag. It seems that NASCAR thinks they won’t go broke as they go woke.

The chant started when a patriotic American race car fan made his feelings known about how Biden had stolen the presidency out from under the true president of the United States, Donald John Trump. A media personality, who was obviously a liberal tried to talk out of it, saying they were yelling “Let’s go Brandon!” instead, which lit off a firestorm of t- shirts, bumper stickers and flags with the chant on it. Once again, it backfired on the liberal media.

Bubba Wallace, the only black NASCAR driver, talked with the higher ups at the racing promotion, prompting them to consider the ban on the chant. Wallace, a liberal democrat, flexed his liberal muscle at NASCAR officials once again, trying to stomp down on the free speech of patriotic Americans who love this country, even though they fly the flag of the confederacy, who was soundly defeated by the. American military.

Patriotic conservative Americans, who fly confederate flags and scream let’s go Brandon have a history of backing losers, like Trump and the confederacy. Whether it’s music, politics, sports, whatever, they’ve always chosen simplicity and stupidity. These are people that believe pro wrestling is real and that the convenience store cashiers are really into them, hang belly, one tooth and all. The true underdogs of America, and they’re proud of it.

Should NASCAR ban “Let’s Go Brandon”? They’re probably sick of the lowest common denominator making the sport look like it’s for backwoods hillbillies who live in dilapidated trailers and think Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew is a food group all on their own. These are generally people who dress in their Sunday best to go to Denny’s once a month, as to them, it’s “fancy eatin”. One thing we know for sure, they’ll continue to look and act like idiots and we get to laugh at them. God bless America!

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