NASCAR Abandons Fans for ‘Black Lives Matter’


One day after NASCAR banned the confederate flag from their events, NASCAR is now supporting Black Lives Matter, going all in on equality and standing with liberals and leftists all over the country. It’s a slap in the face to NASCAR fans nationwide.

Bubba Wallace, a NASCAR driver who is their only black driver, demanded NASCAR ban the confederate flag at their events, and they obliged. Now they’ve gone a step further, working with Mr. Wallace and commissioning a car emblazoned with “Black Lives Matter” and other race propaganda across it. This does not sit well with the NASCAR faithful one bit.

NASCAR is also giving Bubba Wallace a qualifying pole position to start the race as well, citing reparations and affirmative action. NASCAR is also reaching out to other members of the African American community and offering jobs and positions in racing, training them to be future NASCAR racers.

Trish Blake and Joe Barron, long time NASCAR fans were concerned with the changes, as NASCAR has been predominantly southern and white, and was a place for them to drink and scream vulgarities at different ethnicities at the events, who generally worked in concessions.

“NASCAR was our safe space where liberals didn’t dare to come. This is horrible. We came to these events in our dilapidated recreational vehicle to enjoy people like ourselves, MAGA hat wearing rednecks who don’t believe in political correctness or treating anyone that were slightly different than us with any amount of respect! They’re taking away our heritage!!!!”

NASCAR is also aiming to attract African American fans by playing hip hop music at events and having special honored guests like Snoop Dog, Wu Tang Clan, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and having former President Barack Obama command the drivers to “Start Their Engines.”

These are major changes to NASCAR, which since its inception has catered to one demographic, and now it’s all changing. What will NASCAR be like when the trailer park group abandons them after this? Only time will tell. It’ll probably look just like any other sporting event, where ignorant racists will have to mind their manners.

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