Pelosi Diverts Wall Money to Fund ‘Slavery Reparations’


Well, it looks like Speaker Pelosi never gets tired of trying to throw a monkey wrench into America’s machinery.  After our President Trump declared the state of our border security a national emergency to finally get the funding for a big, beautiful wall, Nancy and her band of merry misfits have managed to rob it like a box of Twinkies at a Weight-Watchers meeting.

Notice you don’t see this fella no more? Got taken out in the banquet room of a Howard Johnson’s during a baby shower in ’83.

The Speaker explained that she will begin a program of payments for reparation to the families and descendents of slaves.  Now I don’t know about anyone else, but this sounds like an excuse to pay off potential voters of a certain complexion.  I can tell you that back in the day, the Gunnington family owned us a few slaves, and one of them was white.  He was a boy from a few plantations over what fell out of a tree trying to tie a rope up there for some reason, and ended up, what they called it back then, “touched in the head”.   They called him “Nosedown” ’cause he tended to fall on his face every dozen steps or so, but that boy was happier than a tick on a whore’s ass to work.  Why should we pay people who are already happy to do the job?

At any rate, it’s obviously a deep state tactic to continue to try and make President Trump look like a fool before the 2020 elections where they’re already running 20 socialists and wetting themselves for the moment Biden waddles into the ring.  I’m sure our still-sensible Senate can vote this nonsense out.  Old Nancy can pretend she’s in Gone With the Wind, but I promise, our President don’t give not a damn.

“Great balls of fire! Don’t bother me anymore and don’t call me ‘sugar!”
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