Photo Discovery:Pelosi’s Kids Laugh & Joke While Twin Towers Burned

The truth is right in front of you

Amateur photographer, Ben Lance, has submitted to us a disturbing photograph. It was taken on September 11, 2002 – 9/11 – and depicts several people smiling and laughing while having a rest stop across the water from where the twin towers burned.

This shocked Lance enough. He was, in fact, so horrified by the the callousness displayed in the image that he hid it from public view for 18 years, but it was what he saw on closer inspection days ago that really sent him over the edge. He explains:

“This was always a disgusting picture. On that horrible day that this group could be watching from afar with lawn chairs and bicycles, laughing and telling jokes as they watched all those lives lost, sickened my very soul. I punched them all in the head after getting the shot. Very satisfying.

Ben Lance tells his story.

But recently I realized something. The Pelosi girls have been getting in so much trouble with the law lately. I keep seeing their pictures during arrests on a wonderful website called ‘America’s Last Line of Defense’. Outstanding journalism there. Anyway, I kept seeing their pictures and then it hit me.

I’ve seen those girls before.

Those were the two girls that I punched in the nose and spat on 19 years ago when the terrorists struck! I hocked loogies onto Maria & Josie Pelosi! That realization was quite a shock to me, let me tell you. If I’d known that back then, I’d have kicked them while they were on the ground too.”

So Pelosi’s children did not mourn with the rest of the world that day. They laughed and played. No surprise. Just like their mom.

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