Nancy Pelosi’s Military Budget Committee Puts 5 Aircraft Carriers Up For Sale

For two years, the Democrats had no control over anything. During that time, President Trump took our military from the laughing stock Obama made it and upgraded it to a world power once again. He did things like order ammunition so our troops had something to shoot with. He ordered another round of obsolete planes to fill the gaps the Democrats left when they sold all of our F-16s to Belarus.

But the most important thing he did was to order 5 new “state-of-the-art” aircraft carriers so that the 28 floating cities and the tens of thousands of men and women out there on the high seas would have adequate protection.

Nancy Pelosi, in another amazing show of cowardice, has decided to put those 5 carriers up for sale. According to the Office of Budgetary Sales and Service:

“The United States has no need for 5 more giant ships, especially ships that can’t fly. This was nothing but an attempt by the defense contractors to make a buck off of America by convincing the President that Helicarriers could actually be a thing. The 5 prototypes are now for sale.”

The asking price is more than $5 billion for each carrier, meaning we will sell them at a loss of nearly $20 billion. The helicarrier is the most advanced piece of military might on the planet and has already saved tens of thousands of people in both New York and Sokovia. To sell these amazing machines off will be a travesty.

So far the highest bedders have been North Korea and Iran, but Pelosi says she’ll only sell to them as a “last resort.”

It’s time for us all to write or call the White House and tell President Trump to stop the madness! Make America Great Again and DON’T sell our helicarriers!

The time for action is now before the Democrats destroy our military once again.

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