Nancy Pelosi’s Love for Drinking Cost Each and Every American $53 in 2020.

To some people, $53 might not seem like a lot of money. To others, it may be the difference between having a place to live or food to eat and being homeless and hungry.

Whether $53 is important to you or not, it’s ridiculous that we don’t have a say in how it’s spent when it goes to something like Nancy Pelosi’s love for drink.

According to a new investigation by the NY World Gazette, Pelosi and her staff have abused the power of the purse of the US government to keep Democrats and their campaign donors drunk as skunks.

The report states:

“Nancy Pelosi pesonally spent more than $160K on booze this year, just to keep her and her ‘colleagues’ on Capitol Hill enebriated.

“Add to that the $5.9 million spent to allow Food Stamp users to purchase cooking wine and you’re really racking up a bunch of cash.

“The worst, though, is the $7.9 billion the Speaker has authorized to send bottles to Democrat voters, illegal aliens, and other fraudulent voters to keep her in office, and you end up with a staggering $53 per American spent on booze.”

According to the Congressional Budget Office, which has been run by Democrats since 1974, Pelosi’s spending has been sheltered outside the purview of the budget because it doesn’t qualify as an actual government expense.

So…who approves these expenditures and why do we have to pay for it? According to the constitution, Article XV!! Section 12, the Speaker of the House is responsible to report all spending to the president, who must approve the tab.

Pelosi has gotten by on a technicality, having Obama approve the bills outside the realm of typical budgets, since he technically still holds the title of “President.”

That may end up backfiring on her now that trump knows about it. Rumors in the West Wing say he may be issuing an executive order forcing her to pay it all back.

It’s a good thing Trump is in charge. If all goes well, every loyal American who can prove they voted for trump will be eligible for a check for the $53 sometime after he wins the election.

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