Nancy Pelosi’s Family Seeks Intervention For Drug Use

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

Nancy Pelosi’s sixth husband and two daughters are worried about the Speaker’s drug addictions.  It was one thing that she loved booze, but crack cocaine is too much and they’re worried it could kill her, and more importantly, kill the cash cow they have with her government kickbacks. 

The crack use is new, she’s been known to use marijuana frequently.

Mrs. Pelosi has a $300 a day habit according to sources, and it’s starting to affect her work in Washington. Pelosi had figured at her advanced age that it wouldn’t matter, but now as the addiction is really getting bad, others have started to notice. Even Mitch McConnell, who’s usually pretty lethargic in the first place, managed to raise an eyebrow over her erratic behavior. The turtle like senator feigned concern over the speaker of the house so much so that he wrote an email about it.

Joseph Barron, congressional page and strapping young lad, was very concerned, and he had brought the troubling past time of Pelosi to other house members.

“I have to clean up the empty vials, and it gets all over my hands,” he cried, stating that other pages for the other congressional staffers try to score for their bosses. “That’s not me, that’s not what I do, and I’m getting tired of it,” he said, dumping the empty vials into the trash can.

Mrs. Pelosi has long had a drinking problem that’s very well known and reported on, but her dalliances into illegal drugs has never been spoken about, until now. There have been rumors, of course, but nothing rock solid until she started getting sloppy with where she was leaving pipes and other paraphernalia. They have been left in all kinds of places, and others have been worried it could lead to other politicians getting into it, like Matt Gaetz, who’s adopted son was seen toking up with Pelosi at an event in Florida.

Drugs are not new in Washington DC, as many people have dabbled in them, especially republicans. Reports have come out about several republican staffers using hard drugs in recent years to quell the pain of constantly having to pretend that Donald Trump makes any sense at all, that combined with knowing after they’ve attached themselves to the sinking ship known as the SS trump, that they’ll be seeking new employment come November. With that, we wish Mrs Pelosi a speedy recovery from her latest misstep.

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