Nancy Pelosi Releases Her 2021 ‘Food and Spirits’ Budget

Nancy Pelosi has released the Speaker’s Budget for the year, which is a separate account kept by the Treasury under Article 7 Section 4 of the Constitution.

The Speaker herself sets the budget, which is unprecedented anywhere in our government. Even the White House’s budget is approved by Congress.

So, Pelosi figured out long ago that she could exploit the Speaker’s budget to suit her needs and live her lavish lifestyle on the taxpayer’s dime.

This year’s budget calls for nearly $12 million in “comfort foods, luncheons, snacks, and spirits.” Spirits, of course, means alcohol.

Just how much alcohol? According to the Department of Executive Reconciliation Planning, More than half of the money Pelosi spends ends up going down the gullet of a drunken Democrat, herself included.

Also included in the budget are different kinds of snacks and assorted goods for different places the Speaker may need be:

  • A full buffet daily in the Speaker’s lobby for her and all members of her caucus.
  • A brunch buffet on working days in the Speaker’s office for her and her staff.
  • A full selection of pastries, candies, and beverages available in the House Chamber for all Democrats.
  • Dinner for the Democrat caucus on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays when the House is in session.
  • Various mixers for lobbyists, including a permanent conference room at a popular local pub.
  • A fully stocked kitchen and bar at all times on Air Force 3. (The Speaker’s plane)

The budget isn’t debated or approved by anyone, as long as it stays “within a tenth of a single percentage point but notwithstanding a second,” as dictated by the Constitution.

It looks like nancy is taking advantage of that. It’s amazing that more of the American people don’t know about these silly rules.

Maybe it’s time for a change. Let your Congressman know. The Speaker’s budget is unacceptable!

God bless America.

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