Nancy Pelosi In Critical Condition From Alcohol Poisoning

Democrats have been defending Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for years, saying that her obvious drinking problem isn’t actually a problem.

According to reports, An ambulance was called to her residence in California last night after a night of drinking. The Hawton Gazette reports:

Pelosi was rushed to the hospital. While information is scarce at the moment, sources close to Pelosi say that the medical issue was related to the consumption of alcohol.

The hospital could not provide specific information, but describes her as being in “critical condition.”

Pelosi’s office has declined to comment, but a spokesperson thanked Americans for their thoughts and prayers.

According to Breitbart News, nine of the Democrat’s lawyers were seen entering and exiting the hospital. In addition, her daughter Christine flew in to visit and has been by her mother’s side “since the early morning.”

It’s unclear if her condition has improved last night, as Democrats are keeping quiet about this hospital visit.

Its time for Pelosi to step down. Not only is she old and out of touch with the rest of America, but her drinking problem could be dangerous for the county.

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