Nancy Pelosi Had the Words ‘In God We Trust’ Above the Speaker’s Chair Changed

Nancy Pelosi is continuing her agenda of appeasing the new Democrats in Congress. The words “In God We Trust,” which have lived magnificently above the rostrum since 1803, now read “God is Great.” Speaker Pelosi says she doesn’t understand what the issue is:

“In God We Trust just seems outdated. We trust God, sure, but we trust ourselves more as a people and it is just as humbling and sincere to declare that God is Great, is it not?

At the end of the day, this is my chamber until someone takes it from me.”

The Republican leadership was quick to point out one critical error in Pelosi’s judgment. Congressman Art Tubolls (R-Saskatchewan) reminded her:

“Let’s not forget that when radical Islamic terrorists kill people, they yell ‘Allahu Akbar,’ which literally translates to ‘God is Great.’ Speaker Pelosi is trying to appease the 14 new members of Congress who serve that God and Shania Law.”

Pelosi answered with a little grin and a shrug. “You say their God isn’t real, so what difference does it make if we share a slogan?” Pelosi seems to be perfectly okay with changing the historical attributes of the House of Representatives. Last month she also approved new flooring in the Jefferson Dining Room, replacing cherry boards, some of which were from the tree cut by George Washington that sparked the famous “I cannot tell a lie” story.

The woman just has no regard for our history.

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