Nancy Pelosi Caight Red-Handed Giving Joe Biden The Debate Questions

They said the debate would be fair. They said they’d play by the rules.

They lied.

An internal investigation by the Fair Republican Annual United Debate Committee shows that Nancy Pelosi used a huge chunk of her campaign money to buy the debate questions directly from the source and that she gave them to Joe Biden weeks ago:

“Nancy Pelosi found out who was writing the debate questions and she offered them millions. this is an obvious overreach and can’t be allowed.”

Biden has had weeks to prepare for the debate. On top of that, Trump suspects he’s on performance-enhancing drugs. Basically, Biden and the Dems will do anything in their power to cheat and win.

Joe’s dog Walter wants no part of a lyin’ Joe Biden.

According to our source, the questions intercepted that Biden will be able to breeze through were designed to stump Trump to begin with. Questions like, “What is the role of the President in a pandemic?”

But that’s just the start. Chris Wallace, who everyone knows is a secret liberal bent on trying to get Trump to tell the truth, was going to ask Trump a couple of other trick questions, like, “Could you describe how your Christian faith plays a role in how you treat immigrants, minorities, and the poor?”

Another of Wallace’s big “gotcha” moments would have been “How can someone who cheated his way out of the draft possibly ask to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery?”

The questions have all been changed, thank goodness, and Trump has been furnished with the full list, while Biden will just have to rely on his experience, wisdom, knowledge of government, and wit to make our President look like an idiot.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Trump! Here’s to hoping you make it through without making a complete fool of yourself! Trump 2020!

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