Nancy Pelosi Approves $4.8 Million In ‘Impeachment Consulting Fees’ To Clinton Foundation

As if the impeachment of President Trump weren’t already silly enough, reports from our DC insiders indicate that there’s one organization raking in a ton of cash from the operation: The Clinton Foundation. In department memos not released to the public, Nancy Pelosi is said to have more or less agreed to the consulting fees to the fake charity in the amount of nearly $5 million, because “they have specific knowledge of this area.

According to the Clinton Foundation’s own website, they are “experts in the field of impeachment.” That’s for obvious reasons, but how they market those talents is anything but moral, ethical, or legal:

“Here at the International Clinton Foundation for Ethics in Government, we are the foremost experts in presidential impeachments. From how to impeach a Republican to how to get away with violating the public trust to do so, our 30 years of experience can help.”

You have to log in and be a member to see the secret side of the foundation and what they do, but luckily, we have a mole in the Democrat ranks who may or may not work for Tulsi Gabbard. That mole has informed us that this is very real and that there’s nothing the people can do to stop it:

“The constitution gives the Speaker of the House the power to impeach, and Congress gave her the right to spend whatever she wants way back during the Nixon years. It was then that Democrats learned how to manipulate the legal system to remove people they can’t beat in elections. Nixon would have gone on to at least 4 terms after having the 22nd Amendment repealed. Instead, he was impeached and had to resign for something nobody saw him do. Hearsay is all they ever have.”

Nixon was a great President who made one little mistake and the Democrats destroyed him. Luckily, Trump has a nearly 80 percent approval rating among independents and none of this will matter come November 2020.

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