Nancy Pelosi Approves $1.6 Billion Payment To Bill Gates

Nancy Pelosi has just approved a payment directly to Bill Gates for his work on what she calls a “miracle vaccine.”

According to House Ways and Means and Budgetary Supplementary Reporting Accountant, Art Tubolls, Pelosi authorized the payment personally:

“Nancy Pelosi bypassed the budget process and signed the check herself. She said his work was necessary and beyond scrutiny, and therefore qualified for Speaker approval under the subsection 312 clause.”

The subsection 312 clause states that a Speaker can bypass the budgetary process at her discretion if the payee is performing a vital service to our country or if the Speaker is in the same party as the President and needs to pay off a porn star or something.

The Senate is scheduled to take up the matter as soon as they return from vacation and Republicans finish licking Trump’s butthole. Senate Budgetary Commission Chair Susan Collins says she’s “very disappointed” in Pelosi and hopes she learned from her mistake.

Collins was immediately reminded by Mitch McConnell that Pelosi is a Democrat and that she doesn’t qualify for the same forgiveness as a Republican. Collins looked confused and wandered off to the arboretum to talk to plants for a spell.

Gates, who is stealing vaccine information from Russian agents loyal to the President, has said that he would use the money to fund his RF chip referendum and maybe to buy an ice cream stand in Desmoines.

Democrats say they back Pelosi’s move 100 percent, since the vaccine is being engineered to help their party only, since the bulk of Trump supporters will be too stupid to get themselves vaccinated when the time comes.

Former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, defended Pelosi, saying that the power of the Speaker to do things like this is in a version of the constitution used by Republicans for years to investigate Benghazi. While that document doesn’t actually exist, it’s been beneficial to the GOP for years and should be respected.

Pelosi is expected to use her powers to remove Biden when he wins and replace him with Hillary Clinton. She has to be stopped.

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