NAACP Officially Endorses Trump For 2020 Election

The truth is right in front of you

Back in 2016, the NAACP back Democrat Hillary Clinton for President. They were adamant that she had the best interests of their members in mind and were very public about their insinuations that Trump was racist and would work to destroy them by bringing back slavery.

My how times have changed. In just 3 years, Trump has shown them how wrong they were by empowering minority communities to help build America back to the greatness it deserves. Unemployment in the black population at historic lows. Discrimination laws strengthened. College enrolment of African-Americans at all time highs. Everything that the NAACP has fought for these many years is finally coming to fruition. As a result, the organization has done an about face.

NAACP media spokesman, Joe Barron, told us of the historic decision to back the Republican candidate:

“We believed what we had been told by the Democrats –  ‘Trump will put you in chains’ ,’Trump’s daddy was in the klan’ , ‘Trump is an oompah-loompah’,and so forth. We have always listened to them. It’s like we don’t longer have a minds of our own.

But our members have spoken. They have opened our eyes. For the first time in their lives, they feel as if they’re in control of their own destiny. At their urging, we have reconsidered our position. President Trump is a true friend to the black community. And so on this day, the Norman Association for the Advancement of Coloring People is officially throwing their support behind the reelection of the man who may well be America’s greatest president, Donald Juniper Trump.”

This endorsement will be a major blow to the Democrats chances of winning the presidential race as they have always counted on the African-American community to back them and, indeed, the majority of their votes have come from that segment of society. Trump 2020 is now a lock.

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