Musslamics Splash Kuranic Water On Air Force One

The Plane Has Been Cursed!

Members of the Presidential staff are outraged after an incident this past weekend at Adlai Stevenson Air Force base in D.C. in which a group of Musslamic tourists came into contact with Air Force One.

The tourists were part of a Democratic Party invitational designed to provide insight from the Musslamic contingent as to how best to install Shakira Law in  America. The group was with a legal marketing implementation firm here to provide Pelosi and company with an advertised “step-by-step sure-fire, time-tested method to bring eternal peace and happiness to hosting nations through the creation of Shakira driven law and a Musselam State”, as their brochure says.

Ms. Pelosi herself directed the executives to the runway where Air Force One was undergoing maintenance. Once at the base, in the stifling 15 degree Celsius heat, they were given bottled water to cool down. The resident imam of the company then gave each bottle the traditional Muesli cleansing blessing, turning every drop into “Kuranic Water”

The water served to the extreme businessmen. Sharia Halal Water is available at kosher delis across the country.

Then the unexpected happened. Upon arrival at the aircraft, each member of the group violently threw the caps off their bottles and poured the contents onto the plane, singing “Mamasaymamakusah” as they did so.

They claimed that they were simply blessing the craft with “holy water” but Musslamic scholars say otherwise. These experts told Daily World Update that the utter words were a curse – one that causes radical physical changes and an adoration for young boys. That would be to a person. To a large mechanical craft, the effects are unknown. Who can only assume devastation though.

The company was quickly expelled from the United States by Secret Service but is it too late? Air Force One is currently grounded while it undergoes a top-down safety check. Daily World Update will update as details arrive.


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