Mueller To Be Charged With Treason

“He’s a traitor to our nation”

Moments ago, President Trump issued the order to AG Barr that America has been waiting for.

“Charge Robert Mueller with treason! NOW!”

An arrest warrant has been issued for Robert Constantine Mueller, he who led the charge to falsely incriminate the leader of our great nation, President Donald Julius Trump. Mueller’s attorney has reportedly been alerted and has stated that the federal investigator will peacefully surrender to authorities on the morning of 4/20/19. The President magnanimously agreed to this in order to allow Mueller to get his affairs in order with his family. As Trump said, ”Robert’s family shouldn’t have to suffer for the evil of the father. His children did no wrong. I will not subject them to the humiliation of cameras and handcuffs.”

No connection was found by Mueller between Trump and Putin’s meddling, despite Trump’s testicles being on display on Putin’s mantle.

Mueller’s investigation into  Trump’s campaign and connections to Russian interference was, as Trump said, “bullshit”, “a fraud”, “ a fake investigation.”  It is actually a criminal act under US Public Law,  which prohibits “attempts to usurp from power a lawfully elected, sitting president”.  Mueller will be charged under this law as well as another more common violation for “attempted manufacture of evidence against a government representative in order to subvert the criminal justice process.” Conviction on both counts may result in a minimum of 25 years in prison to a maximum sentence of death.

President Trump had been considering “just letting it be”, allowing Mueller and all his cohorts off the hook in order to “put this dark period behind us,” Trump said but, in the end felt it necessary to proceed with prosecution “in order to ensure such a fraud never happens again.”

Did this man try to unseat our king?

Daily World Update will, of course, keep the public apprised of all investigational details as they arise. Finally, it seems, justice in America will be done for this attempt on the lives of all our citizens.

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