Mitt Romney To Announce Switch To Democrat Party

The truth is right in front of you

Mitt Romney is in the Republican Party but he’s not a Republican. He’s not even a RINO. That man is a straight up liberal.

If this wasn’t obvious before, it became overwhelmingly clear during the Senate impeachment trial, as Romney sided consistently with the Socialist Democrats as they set about trying to remove our beloved President Trump from office. He made a choice during that trial, and it was not to support the Grand Old Party which he serves.

It seems that he now knows that the jig is up and is cutting ties with his Republican colleagues. He is expected to hold a press conference next week at which time he will be announcing a formal change in party affiliation – from the Republicans to the Democrats.

This information leaked anonymously from inside his camp by one of the Senator’s aides, star of my erotic dreams, Satya Martin. She was quite excited about Romney’s decision:

“Mitt did not make this decision lightly. He put a great deal of thought into it over a great deal of time.

The Senator had intended to remain loyal to the party which brought him in and allowed him to join government but events of late have made him realize that is not possible. He no longer belongs.

He had tried to adjust his personal political views to be more conservative but has decided he just cannot do it any longer. The GOP has never been his party of choice. He does not truly identify with their views and he has now decided to come out of the closet, in a manner of speaking.

Senator Romney is a liberal and a Democrat at heart. He is tired of living a lie and now wishes to be happy once and for all. That’s why he will announce a departure from the Republicans to join the Democrats.”

This isn’t really surprising to many. Most people are just wondering what took him so long. This has been a long time coming.

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  1. Mitt romney isn’t a US citizen

    and neither is his demoncrat party members

    💥💞👍CHRISTrumPence our/his US ReTRUMPlican Lawmakers 2016-2028 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen👍💞