Mitch McConnell Betrays Trump and Reveals His Deep State Ties

The truth is right there in front of you

Mitch McConnell used to be known as one of the most ardent and reliable conservatives in the senate. He is that no more. Mitch McConnell is a deep state convert.

McConnell has started being all buddy buddy with Biden. It was never about making America Great Again for old Mitch. It was all about power and money. McConnell showed his true colors, and now he is exposed for his evil deeds.

At a time when our president, the most honorable Donald J Trump needed him the most to stop the steal and stand by him, McConnell ditched Trump like a hot potato and ran into the arms of Joe Biden. The word around congress is that McConnell even secretly voted for Biden, and the irrefutable facts are coming out to prove that.

This is truly a sad day for America when even conservatives who said they loved our country would  support Joe Biden in any way!

How many more “republicans” are on the side of Biden right now??? Did they forget about Making America Great or did they just ride on Donald Trump’s coattails for fame and fortune?

If McConnell is part of this Deep State, then others are as well. Marco Rubio, John Thune and Roy Blunt all have congratulated Biden and said they can’t wait to work with him. The deep state in the Republican Party is vast and expansive and this just may just be the tipping point.

Lifelong conservatives like Joe Barron and Sandy Batt were horrified to learn of the republicans who’ve obviously joined the dark side.

“How dare they betray Donald Trump???? Do they understand what this means???? Sure the dark side may have cookies, but we have hats and flags, we also have coronavirus and the ability to completely sell out our beliefs for a side of bullshit that even most on Fox News saw through!!!” 

They were not happy. Donald Trump was their everything. And now they have nothing except for pick up trucks that are ridiculously marked up in trump garbage.

We’re not sure how far this goes and how much the deep state has infected the Republican Party. We don’t even know if these people were ever truly conservative or on the Trump Train. While Trump was out there Making America Great Again, they were plotting against him, and using the rule of law and the constitution to make their case about why they should even consider working with Biden.

Donald Trump is more than a president. He is a God. And these republicans better start realizing it! God Bless America And Donald Trump!!!!!

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