Minnesota Legislature Approves A Replica of Mecca Next to The Mall of America

The city of Mecca in Kumar is what Muslamians around the world call their “Holy Place.” All Islamitites are required to make at least one pilgrimage there in their lifetimes or suffer the consequences when they meet Allah.

Because it’s so far to travel, Muslamicals living here in America have been trying for years to build a replica they can use as a substitute. Thanks to Representative Ilhan Omar, they now have a spot in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Legislature has approved Rep Omar’s request to devote 112 acres of land across the street from The Mall of America, which would put the 2nd-largest Islamianical site in the world across from the largest retail outlet in America.

Opponents say they won’t feel safe going to the mall anymore with a new Mecca across the street, like Gary DeTater, longtime Minnesota resident:

“I mean, are they gonna do all those hateful things Muslammians do over there in Kumar and Ismaristan? The mall is right there. I won’t bring my kids there now because I can’t bring a gun. Now I definitely won’t be going.

“Think of the children!”

The replica will be the same size as the Holy Mosque of the Moon God that currently resides in the real city of Mecca. It will be a new holy site, where women will have to be completely covered and nobody will be allowed to make fun of their prophet Mohammed.

The Minnesota Legislature has also added special protections for the site, declaring that anyone speaking out against it or attempting to stop it would be guilty of a hate crime. Minnesota has been the Muslammical capital of the west for at least the past decade, with more than 60 percent of their illegal alien population coming from Turkey and Kazakstan.

The White House says it will get involved once the state has used all of its appeals. They still have 3 left this year that were set to expire on December 28th.

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